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High Mountain Tonewood Company is a small tonewood producer strategically located in Terrace, approximately 130 km inland on British Columbia's North Coast catering to the needs of the quality conscience luthier.  Our area is known for Spruce tonewoods unsurpassed in acoustic qualities, including soundboards (guitar tops, mandolin tops, etc) and bracewood.  We selectively harvest and hand fall individual trees under our unique forest license that allows this harvest for tonewood purposes.  We strive to optimize the quality of each tree we harvest by hand splitting our tonewood blocks into small sections.  We are an environmentally sensitive company who understands we are harvesting a renewable but ancient resource and strive to ensure that we honour the harvest by committing to recover tonewood products that will ensure that the tree has the potential to live for many more centuries as a component part of fine handcrafted musical instruments.  We are very approachable and will quickly respond to any questions.  We are also committed to understanding the needs of our customers and look forward to discussing your companies special needs
We are always searching the area to acquire  woods  to ensure that you, our valued customer, have more options.  We will strive to keep our prices competitive and our stock available and of very high quality.

Thanks for considering our company for your tonewood, guitarmaking and musical instrument making needs.

Bruce Andrews
High Mountain Tonewood Company

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High Mountain Tonewood Company   Terrace B.C.
We like to cut the smaller ones by hand.