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The sizes listed  are our stock items.  As we are a low volume high quality producer it is very easy for us to custom cut.  Our unique harvesting operation also allows us to sequence sets of tops either by the billet, the block or the tree.  Some builders like this option as it allows them to more quickly "voice" a series of tops knowing that the acoustic properties of the voiced top will be virtually identical through a consecutive and sequenced series.  Given enough notice we can custom cut to your sizes and, with regular customers, we will then have these products in stock awaiting your next order.  Contact usl for your any special requests,

We typically air dry our tops in a moisture controlled environment with circulated air.   For flat top instruments we can have them air dried in our present set up in a matter of a few days.  Arch Top blanks are dried for a number of months and may be a better candidate for kiln drying.
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